Fall Arrest & Lifting Gantry

Austral International Portable Gantry Beams are a versatile fall arrest solution ideal for any confined space entry work or recovery operation, combining the large working span of a fixed gantry beam with the lightweight portability of a tripod.

Engineered as a two person fall arrest system, this product is ideal for confined space work or rescue operations requiring two people or as a fall restraint attachment point for a spotter.

Although primarily designed as a height safety system for personnel, the Austral International Portable Gantry Beam doubles as a 1000 kg WLL goods lift when used in conjunction with correct materials handling accessories. An ideal solution for lifting large pumps, valves etc. from within pump stations.

Aluminium Confined Space Access & Lifting Gantry with Adjustable Pivoting Legs,  Quick Release Safety Pins, Heavy Duty Castor Wheels and Adjustable Single Person Anchor Trolley

Pivoting, Height Adjustable Frame Legs

Compacts for transport and storage (transportable in a standard single cab ute tray. Independant height adjustment of 200 mm each leg allows for safe use on uneven or unlevel ground up to a gradients of 7.5°. Quick release safety pins allow for fast and easy height adjustment.

Heavy Duty Hinged Castor Wheels

Allow for easy movement of assembled frame. Feature swivel lock and brake to lock frame in
place when in use. Hinged design design allows frame to be anchor bolted to concrete slabs for semi-permanent/permanent installations. Nylon Inserts protect aluminium when bolted to slab.

Adjustable Anchor Trolley

Lightweight aluminium alloy construction. Dual safety lock feature increases safety and allows for fast and simple installation and removal from beam. Complies with standard EN 795: 2013

High Strength Composite Rope Catch Cleat

Coupled with roller at either end of gantry frame. Allows beam position of beam trolley to be locked. Design provides strong holding power whilst allowing fast and easy locking and unlocking of rope. Cam design ensures minimal abrasion to ropes.

Quick Release Safety Pins

Simple single action ball lock for fast insertion and release. Recessed button prevents accidental unlocking of pins. No additional fasteners or tools required for assembly or disassembly. Oversized shaft dia. to decrease bearing loads. Secured to frame with stainless steel lanyards.


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