Aluminium Safety Access Covers

Austral International Safety Access Covers are the perfect aesthetically pleasing and functional solution for water authorities that recognise the need for a safety solution that protects their personnel from the dangers of pump station maintenance.

Developed with the ethos of “zero harm” the Austral safety cover is different from other covers in that it was developed specifically for Pump Stations, meaning that all features are specifically targeted at issues often ignored in more general access cover design.

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Australian Standards


AS 3996-2006 – Access covers and grates
AS/NZS 1665:2004 – Welding of aluminium structures

FSP Premium Series

Austral Aluminium Safety Access Covers
The FSP Premium Four Sided Austral Safety Cover is the ultimate in void protection; with its unique folding gate system the operator is never needlessly exposed to the open void.

Custom Retro-Fit Designs

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TSP Series

Safety Access Cover
The TSP Series Safety Covers with dual fall arresters are a practical and economical solution for a wide range of applications with the benefit of a stylish cover with integral void protection.

Portable Series

Portable Access Cover with Four Sided Void Protection
The PAC Series Safety Covers are designed and engineered for the protection of personnel around temporarily exposed voids. This access cover can be wheeled into position over any existing manhole or void and temporarily fastened in place.