Fall Arrest & Lifting Gantry

Safe, Versatile & Durable Solution for Confined Space Entry & Lifting

Aluminium Safety Covers

Safe, Innovative and Functional Access Solutions for the Water Industry

Aluminium Safety Covers

Safe, Innovative and Functional Access Solutions for the Water Industry

Safety Access Covers

Austral International Safety Access Covers are the perfect aesthetically pleasing and functional solution for water authorities that recognise the need for a safety solution that protects their personnel from the dangers of pump station maintenance. Developed with the ethos of “zero harm” the Austral safety cover is different from other covers in that it was developed specifically for Pump Stations, meaning that all features are specifically targeted at issues often ignored in more general access cover design.

What’s different?

• Lightweight ergonomic design with no lift being greater than 20 Kg.
• Fold up safety grate to provided four-sided access protection, compliant to handrail height requirement of 900mm.
• Safety grates painted in high-visibility “safety yellow”.
• Safety grate design allows access gates to operate independently.
• Safety grate design enables access to one pump at a time whilst still maintaining a four-sided barricade.
• Full aluminium construction for corrosion resistance and longevity.
• Confined space danger sign affixed to the underneath of hatch cover.

Standard Features

Heavy Duty Outer Rim

Heavy duty aluminium outer rim

Heavy duty aluminium extrusion with curved outer rim, low profile that is an aesthetically pleasing design reducing trip hazards and allowing lid to finish flush. Cover protrudes only 16 mm above pump station cover slab.

Engineered heavy duty top hung design, no fixing required through side of access cover frame.

Safety Grates Folded Down

Safety Grates

Safety grates fold down with vertical supports perfectly overlapping to provide good visibility into wet well without needing to expose operator to the hole.

Vertical support spacing allows operator to withdraw float switches and instruments without having to raise safety grates.

Lock box fits standard water authority padlock

Lock box fits standard padlock

Lock box with sliding bolt that fits any standard water authority padlock.

Heavy Duty Outer Rim

Locking safety catch

Locking safety catch to hold safety grate in position at 90º.

Safety Strut

Support Strut

Support strut to lock lid securely in upright position.

Lock box fits standard water authority padlock

Captive Seal Profile

Captive seal profile in flexible ABS to eliminate sewer gas egress and prevent ingress of stormwater to the wet well.

Flush mounting continuous hinge to further eliminate trip hazards; can be removed and replaced easily.

Stainless steel hinge pins

Stainless steel hinge pins with isolating nylon bushes.

Danger sign

Confined space danger sign affixed to the underneath hatch cover.

Safety Cover Range

FSP Premium Series

The FSP Premium Four Sided Austral Safety Cover is the ultimate in void protection; with its unique folding gate system the operator is never needlessly exposed to the open void.

TSP Series

The TSP Series Safety Covers with dual fall arresters are a practical and economical solution for a wide range of applications with the benefit of a stylish cover with integral void protection.

Custom Retro-Fit Designs

Contact us today and discuss your requirement with our in-house design and engineering team and let us provide you the perfect turnkey solution, from design through to installation.

NEW Fall Arrest/Lifting Gantry Range

The Gantry

Developed to mitigate safety concerns when using traditional tripod or davit systems over large openings, the Austral International Gantry Beam offers adequate clearance over large safety barriers and an adjustable span.

Height Safety Accessories

Engineered as a two person fall arrest system, this product is ideal for confined space work or rescue operations requiring two people or as a fall restraint attachment point for a spotter.

Goods Lift Accessories

The Austral International Portable Gantry Beam doubles as a 1000 kg WLL goods lift when used in conjunction with correct materials handling accessories.