Fall Arrest & Lifting Gantry

Safe, Versatile & Durable Solution for Confined Space Entry & Lifting

Aluminium Safety Covers

Safe, Innovative and Functional Access Solutions for the Water Industry

Aluminium Safety Covers

Safe, Innovative and Functional Access Solutions for the Water Industry

Safety Access Solutions

Every day, operators expose themselves to pump station voids, risking their safety to maintain the movement of water and wastewater across the globe. To help eliminate these risks, Austral International has worked closely with the wastewater industry to develop and refine, innovative safety access solutions.

Why Austral?

• Trusted local manufacturers of safety access covers and lifting equipment.
• Our team is committed to protecting your staff and the community.
• Offering custom solutions, tailored to fit your needs and budget.
• Passionate about building strong relationships in the ever-progressive global water and wastewater markets.

Our team has you covered.

Product Range

Safety Access Covers

Developed with the ethos of “zero harm” the Austral safety cover is different from other covers in that it was developed specifically for Pump Stations, meaning that all features are specifically targeted at issues often ignored in more general access cover design.

Portable Fall Arrest/ Lifting Gantry

A versatile fall arrest solution ideal for any confined space entry work or recovery operation, combining the large working span of a fixed gantry beam with the lightweight portability of a tripod.

Who we serve

Water Authorities


Hire Companies

Pump Station Manufacturers

Civil Contractors

What our Clients are saying

We are very happy with the safety access covers you have supplied.


Queensland Water Treatment Contractor

Over the last two years, we have installed 10 [Austral] lids. We have deliberately installed these lids where pump stations are within close proximity to high pedestrian traffic areas…where our staff have reported a potential safety hazard and where odour and aesthetics could be an issue.

With the replacement of current lids with the Austral product, we now have a greater defence of fall prevention for those workers above ground and in-built safety grates in the lid that is lightweight and ergonomically friendly for our field staff to use.

Manager of Network Operations & Maintenance

Victorian Water Authority

We are very happy with the Austral pit lid; it has reduced manual handling issues completely and also fall from height issues.

All in all a great investment and hope to have more installed in the future.

Water Quality Officer

Victorian Water Authority

I would not hesitate to say that covers supplied by Austral were up to our expectations & standards defined by the project & SA water specification.

We would also appreciate the level of service provided by Austral, the timely manner in which we received the materials.

Project Engineer

South Australian Tier 1 Civil Contractor

Great product, great service.


Victorian Plumbing Contractor

Austral have been able to provide custom size covers to suit our specific needs, and the covers have increased our safety for staff when working at or around heights. The covers are in use at our major sewer pump station sites and enable operators and engineers to safely access and work around the wet well, and have been a major improvement from our previous covers.

The quality of the covers is very high and they have maintained finishes and paint in outdoor environments.

Utilities Manager

Regional NSW Council

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