Austral International

Austral International is building strong relationships with all Water Authorities, Councils, Developers, Engineers and Consultants, Pump Manufacturers and Sales Companies globally and thrives on a wide support base of suppliers and customers alike.

Austral International believes on being at the forefront of the ever-progressive Water and Sewerage market and pooling resource via two key fundamentals – Networking and Co-operation.


To facilitate the correct Water and Sewerage safety solutions through experience, innovation and integrity.


To continually build a brand that exemplifies a dedication to customer satisfaction and portrays qualities that are perceived as valuable by all.

The Austral brand is to represent a clear passion for community contribution including employment opportunity, charity and the environment.


At Austral International we believe in honesty, integrity, transparency and attention to detail. We believe in enthusiasm, hard work, teamwork and self-improvement through training and dedication to principles.

We believe that anyone can get anything they are willing to make a contribution towards…and that reward will surely follow effort.